Utilizing Nature’s Vast Chemical Library for the Discovery of LPMO Inhibitors at Københavns Universitet

Despite the importance of LPMOs for pathogen virulence, the control of the enzymes’ activity has remained not fully explored. The project will investigate how to modulate the activity of LPMOs.

We know that organisms, such as plants and fungi, have the ability to produce defence compounds against microbial pathogens. The project will try to utilize nature's vast catalogue of compounds to investigate LPMO inhibition and inactivation. Depending on your department and interests, the work can include preparation of extracts from biological samples, enzyme assays, HPLC, inhibition of microbial growth and other.

LPMO inhibitors can hold a great potential for agricultural and pharmacological applications, and may contribute to the development of tailored antimicrobial agents and pathogen-resistant crops.

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