Thesis: Gut microbiome brain axis communication in Anorexia at Københavns Universitet

The gut microbiome in healthy people has been shown to affect weight gain, appetite, and behavior through the gut-brain axis. We hypothesize that prolonged undernutrition in anorexia alters the microbiome to a different steady-state that sustains the disease even after returning to normal diet. We will improve our understanding of how diet and malnourishment affects the human gut ecology in general and how intervention with beneficial microbes, can promote human health even outside anorexia.

A project will involve several in vitro (and in vivo) methods. Mouse models, Fecal Matter Transplants, 16S sequencing, serum signalling messurements, classical microbiology methods.

If succesful the project would be basis for a future PhD application process

Keywords: appetite, bioavailability, diets and gender (sex) differences

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