Master thesis – Building an AI Product Prototype at AFRY

About the job

AFRY X is a brand-new unit excelling AFRY’s digital offerings, implementing and developing digital products and solutions. We are looking for two students to write their master thesis to develop an AI product prototype.

The master thesis will be a collaboration with the AI Competence team of AFRY X, a data science team delivering proofs-of-concept and prototypes using data-driven approaches. The team works in multiple domains and in different approaches, where the common factor is in researching and developing solutions based on real-world data. 

Starting with a data-driven idea based on your proposal, you will work iteratively on the project from the idea phase to a proof of concept meanwhile writing a thesis with high academic merit. Using data from a specific market or domain, you will analyze, process, extract and present data to suggest solutions within the domain. You will develop a product mindset in your research and evaluate applying it in value-driven business.  

Sounds interesting? Don’t hesitate to send in a proposal!

Who are you?

As a master thesis student, we require that you:

  • Are enrolled masters' students in engineering or technology with planned graduation spring 2022.

  • Send in your application with a partner.

  • Mainly perform your thesis work at the office in Solna. Therefore, we value that you have commuting distance to Solna

  • Have basic knowledge of a high-level programming language, for example R or Python.

  • Have good knowledge in English, both verbal and written. Swedish is a plus.

Apply by clicking on "Apply now" in our add ( and uploading a project proposal (max 1 page) and your CV's. The project proposal does not need to be a finished idea or solution but should indicate what areas you want to research further and how you see a possible implementation of the solution. We will evaluate your proposal based on value-driven idea creation and technical maturity; that is, how your idea addresses a tangible value and how well you present using data and algorithms to execute your idea.

The most important factor is that you are interested in researching and implementing a technical solution on an early prototype level, what we call a proof-of-concept. We want you to have a multi-disciplinary curiosity and are interested in all parts of the process, from scoping the idea to presenting demonstrations of your work. This means that it is important to not only find technology interesting but also recognize the value of implementing technology. The end goal does not need to be a final product, but an answer whether the implementation of a researched idea is conceptually interesting.

We offer

As a part of AFRY X's AI Competence team, you will get the possibility to take a data-driven idea to a proof-of-concept stage. The team will guide you in processing, extracting, analyzing and presenting data. We also want to expose you to every step of creating a proof-of-concept, meaning that you will have the possibility to receive professional insights and experience from product development. You will get the chance to meet with a wide array of roles, such as data scientists, product owners, product managers, and innovation leaders. We also offer our master thesis students economic compensation for their work when finished.

Attention: Often you need a pre-approval from your university or study counselor, to ensure that projects or thesis found on AU Job- og Projektbank will be accepted as part of your education. Please contact the right entity in due time to ensure that you're picking the right project.