Talented student to develop a robotarm to handle sub-process of sole production at Solemaids

Posted 2 weeks ago

SOLEMAIDS - an effective solution to heel pain in children

The Solemaids insoles help to relieve heel pain in children and teens at the age 8 to 15 years. The heel pain is most often caused by Sever's syndrome, which is a growth-related disease. Sever's syndrome is harmless but painful.

Kids who are physically active or engaged in sports that involve a lot of running or jumping, especially on hard surfaces, have a greater risk of developing Severs disease. For these kids, the pain can become so severe that they have to take a break from their sport and at the end they lose the motivation to stay active - with both physiological and psychological consequences for the child.

The Solemaids sole is made in such a way that it gives the heel a break while the child is active. The relief is achieved with the wedge that is placed in the middle of the sole and thus under the child's midfoot. The wedge is exactly so high that the heel "floats" 1-2 mm. and the child can be active without heel pain.

Optimization of production

The soles are produced in Viborg in a small production room. The production of the soles consist of several processes, where the material is cut / punched out and glued several times And all processes are manually handled.

Manufacturing the shape of the wedge is also a manual process - and the most difficult sub-process in production, as dimensions and degrees must be precise for the wedge - and thus the sole - to have the desired effect.

Currently we have two employees who can carry out this manual grinding process. But it is both time consuming and vulnerable. Therefore, we want to develop a robot arm or similar that can handle this grinding process. To reduce vulnerability and at the same time to be able to scale up.

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