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Master project at Novozymes Brewing and enzyme technology - optimising starch liquefaction at Københavns Universitet

Posted 2 weeks ago

From a sustainability perspective, implementation of other grain than barley and wheat in the regional beer production, enables the strategic goal of local sourcing, consequently reducing transportation, storage and raw material costs, but also reduces the risk of supply shortfall due to temporary import restrictions. Novozymes Brewing Application Research is interested to gain more knowledge about the biochemical and physicochemical background causing the limited processability of adjuvant grain in brewing.

The project approach is to assess, how industrial enzymes from different classes affect the overall process quality when various adjuvant grain is mashed.

Novozymes is interested in knowing more about the mechanism of enzymes during liquefaction and wants to start a Master project on this subject. A project plan will be outlined by the student together with the KU and Novozymes supervisor. The methodological framework of the project is to:

conduct mashing trials of starchy raw material under different conditions

analyzing the wort after mashing (a range of parameters describing the process/wort quality)

running sugar profiles (HPLC) and

correlating the impact of enzymes to the gained data sets.

A major goal is to increase extract yield from challenging raw materials. The work includes enzyme applications in brewing as well as biochemical understanding of the enzyme functions. The student is expected to take actively part in the set-up and brewing procedures to be worked on and to work independently after an initial familiarisation phase supported by Novozymes’ research associates and chemists.

Please contact Hans von Hofe-Rickers (HHK@novozymes.com) or Andreas Blennow (abl@plen.ku.dk) for more information.

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