Sustainable maintenance of gravel road - Survey of key actors' information needs in the area of ​​gravel road maintenance at Linnéuniversitetet

Gravel roads must be maintained regularly in order to fix problems with holes in the road and to divert water. The condition of the gravel road is dependent on climatic and weather conditions, and can quickly deteriorate. Condition data is an important parameter for many actors, ranging from those who own the road to the contractor who maintains it. There is also other information that is essential, e.g. weather forecasts, what maintenance is planned, and which is performed. At present, there is no coordinated information sharing between actors. As part of the project "Sustainable maintenance of gravel road", we are developing an integrated cloud-based information system.

Task: Your task is to find out the information needs of key actors, and what type of information sharing is required between actors. The mapping can be carried out e.g. as a survey or interview study. You limit the collection to a number of key players in consultation with the project team.

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