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Language research project for Swedish speakers at Lionbridge

Posted 10 months ago


We are currently looking for participants for two Language Research Projects that requires native Swedish speakers, one for adults (age 18+) and one for minors (age 3-15). We hope that you are interested in cooperating with us on one or both projects.

The goal of our language research projects is to aid in the development of speech recognition technology for the Swedish language. 

The tasks are simple and do not require any specific or previous experience.

It is required that you are a native speaker. However, participants can be located anywhere in the world as the tasks can be done easily from home. You are required to have either an Android phone, or Android tablet. Alternatively, you may also use any computer with Chrome browser, an internet connection, and a quiet space to make your recordings. Unfortunately, this means that you are unable to complete this task using an iOS device.

Here all the projects details:

Language Research through Images Project (participant’s age 18+):

The duration of the task is approximately between 4 and 5 hours with a stable internet connection.

Rate: 70 USD after completing the entire task

The payment will be done by PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer via XendPay

To participate it is mandatory to first fill in the form -> Registration link:

Task description: You will see images and will get task instructions e.g. Describe the image, Catchphrase, Talk to the image. You'll then need to record your voice while following the instructions.

Language Research Children (participant’s age 3-15):

The duration of the task is approximately 45 minutes

Rate: 60USD after completing the entire task

The payment will be done by PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer via XendPay

To participate, the legal guardian of the child needs to fill in a short form at -> Registration link:

Task description: recording your own voice while reading randomized sentences aloud in Swedish. Please note, the content of the prompts is adjusted to respect the kids of ages: 3 to 15years. If the child cannot read, she or he will repeat the sentence after the tutor.

Once the registration form has been completed, our production team will contact you with additional details and instructions.  

Both projects have started and we are looking for several hundred of participants for each task.

We would greatly appreciate your participation, and we urge you to share it with your friends and family that also speak this language on a native level.

If you are interested in helping us find participants for the Language Research Children, please note we would compensate you for your recruitment efforts via PayPal or Bank Transfer. For each person you bring into the project that successfully completes the task and indicates your name in the registration form we offer to you a compensation.

Recruiter Compensation -> 12 USD per Minor recruited

We are only able to compensate you for candidates that have successfully completed the task. We will not compensate simple registrations, or incomplete tasks. This referral compensation does not apply to the Language Research through Images Project

To ensure that you have access to the referral compensations, recruited participants would need to select “I was referred by:” and then indicate your name, surname and email in the field “Please specify the name and the email address of the person who informed you about this *”

Your participation and support would be highly appreciated!

Please let us know in case you had any doubts by writing to

Best Regards,


More info about Lionbridge:

Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. is the world's largest provider of globalization solutions. Formed in 1996, the company offers a range of services. Lionbridge employs 6000 people in 160 countries and features over 300 000 crowd / home workers. In 2015 Lionbridge has been selected by Forbes as one of 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in America and listed as the world's number one language services provider by Common Sense Advisory. 

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