Masterthesis Advance Cell Culture Thechnologies (all genders) at Merck Aktiebolag

The Advanced Cell Culture Technologies group at our company are seeking a student interested in undertaking a biotechnology-focused multidisciplinary Masters project. The student should come from either a primary biology-based background, willing to learn some chemistry, or vice-versa. The project will focus on testing the functionality of potential new cell culture media components, being derivatives of a hydrophobic molecule with enhanced aqueous solubility.
The project will involve several of the following:
  • Culturing cells in suspension, and cryopreservation of cells
  • Testing of cellular properties to quantify success of culture conditions
  • Preparation of samples for analytic chemical testing
  • Spectroscopic analytic measurements and Data analysis
  • Development and application of a qPCR method for virus testing

The student will receive training in all laboratory techniques, and is expected to have background in the following:
  • Accurate recording of scientific methodology and data
  • Knowledge of the fundamental theory in organic chemistry and cell biology
  • Scientific writing in English
  • Use of basic Microsoft software (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
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