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New York, New York, USA
Job Title Project Manager

Job Description Summary

Job Description
  • In conjunction with the internal IT team, create a detailed list of all required project documentation and forward to Global PMO
  • Review and develop the project budget from an IT standpoint and ensure incorporation into the overall project budget
  • Provide a detailed risk report based on the observations and timing
  • Provide an IT based schedule based on the work complete and the remaining work to facilitate completion
  • Ongoing Site Progress Review

  • Project Budget
  • Assist the IT team in establishing a comprehensive project budget target based on information available at the time. The project budget will identify all aspects of technology, audio visual, and security.
  • Appointment of Consultants
  • Clarify and establish scopes of work for the required consultants and vendors. Issue RFP’s for all required project team members. Review and make recommendations to Client regarding proposals or contracts submitted. Assist Client and counsel in negotiating and executing these agreements with all consultants. Assist the client and project committee in the selection process.
  • Project Procedures
  • With the IT Team, prepare the project procedures to cover project details, communications, reporting, financial matters, meetings, drawings, circulation of correspondence, bid packages, payments, and insurance requirements.
  • Project Planning Strategy
  • Attend project meetings chaired by local PM and global PMO from pre-construction through close out and ensure meeting minutes with action items assigned to responsible parties are correct. Assist the client's representative and project committee in development and documentation of project goals and objectives.
  • Ensure that all IT requirements are properly integrated into the project plan and protected throughout the process.

Master Schedule

Prepare an IT based schedule to be integrated into the master schedule. This schedule is part of the project planning strategy and will be updated during the consultant activity leading up to construction documentation. It will include coordination with external parties such as building authorities and local government agencies.
Design Coordination
Ensure that the IT needs of the project are properly incorporated into the design documents and that the wiring plans are prepared for a local bidding process. Review the drawings for completeness and liaise with the design professionals to correct any IT related coordination.

Financial Document Review

  • After the initial data is received and verified from the initial reporting phase, review requisitions for all vendors and purchases and recommend payment based on appropriateness.
  • Ensure that change requests being billed have been properly documented and approved
  • Verify costs and appropriateness of change requests
  • Review IT category data presented in the Anticipated Cost Report (or create and maintain one if the GC does not have the technical ability to create one) and report to client the financial health of the IT costs.
  • Compile reports, summaries, and answer inquiries as required
  • Issue Resolution
  • Act as an informed advisor for and with client in the identification and mitigation of risk around the IT scope
  • Assist in the implementation of any best practices or deficiencies identified
  • Be available for conference calls and meetings as required

Client Status Meetings

Participate in project calls/meetings to update the team on project progress. The actual frequency of the meetings will be based on client preference. Provide a brief status report no less than weekly outlining the project progress, risks, and other pertinent information


  • We will act as an interface with Client in connection with all IT related implementation, vendor agreements and billings. Costs incurred in the project will be monitored in relation to the terms and provisions of the contracts and other agreements to maintain effective project cost control. In addition, we will:
  • Review the terms and provisions of contracts and other documents
  • Assist in establishing cost accounting records and procedures to provide for relevant and meaningful cost information. Assist in developing appropriate Schedules of values and cash flow requirements.
  • Establish disbursement review and approval procedures for direct payment of all payables, if required.
  • Prior to payment, review all submissions for payment to verify that they are fully and properly substantiated and in accordance with all terms and conditions of the contract documents. Verify mathematical accuracy of all submissions and that the work is completed and acceptable to the appropriate project team members.
  • Periodically verify all items included in each draw for date, payee and amount. If required, verify the existence of and inspect off-site stored materials prior to payment for same.
  • Prepare and submit monthly cost reports in conjunction with the overall project report. Provide information on all commitments to date, funds expended, pending disputes, cash flow requirements and other information required by Client.
  • Prepare a final project cost report, which summarizes all expenditures made throughout the project.


  • Identify and meet with IT Team to understand commissioning and equipment installation requirements
  • Plan resources, equipment deliveries, and any other required actions to facilitate the IT turn up
  • Retain any outstanding vendors and suppliers to facilitate project completion.
  • Solicit, receive and review proposals
  • Provide a detailed leveling sheet aligning all bidder information and make recommendations on award
  • Meet with IT Team and end users to familiarize them to the commissioning process and coordinate information flow between users and project team
  • Manage contract closeout
Cushman & Wakefield provides equal employment opportunity. Discrimination of any type will not be tolerated. Cushman & Wakefield is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative​ Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, protected veteran status or any other characteristic protected by state, federal, or local law.
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