Trainee Program as IT Security Consultant at Omada A/S

Expires in 8 days

Do you want to get a head start into one of the fastest growing areas of cybersecurity?

And do you want to build valuable competencies among top specialists in a market-leading Danish IT software company where your career options as a newly educated are bountiful? 

We will help you learn how to become a trusted consultant and at the same time build a strong identity access management (IAM) understanding that will quickly enable you to help companies such as Jyske Bank, Danfoss and Copenhagen Municipality build and optimize their IAM setup. You will go through extensive training and introductions, yet also gain responsibility and influence from day one. 

“I started at Omada directly from the university in the trainee program. I have been working with skilled and experienced colleagues and was given responsibility to work on my own assignments. Omada has been very good at motivating me to work at an ambitious level and have been showing me a lot of trust, but also the opportunity to try work within different consultant areas.

Says Elias Jensen, Consultant at Omada. 

Omada at a glance  

We are experts in cybersecurity, taking our customers by the hand, helping them to take IAM to the next level. Here, you join a high-growth, international IT software company, headquartered in Denmark, with people across 6 locations in Europe and the US. In just a matter of years, we have grown from 60 to 300 employees and we expect to expand with another 150 towards 2020.  

The Omada product is rated as one of the very best in the world by analyst firms like Gartner, Forrester, and KuppingerCole and we have a high focus on keeping developing our product to meet our customers’ business requirements. 

Driving large integration and implementation projects  

You will join an international team consisting of some of the most skilled consultants within the field of IGA. Here, you will work closely together with team leaders, architects, consultants and installation technicians to solve large IAM projects usually lasting between 6 months and a year.  

You will begin by getting an overall introduction to Omada and our IT security solution, Omada Identity Suite. After completion of this, your real training begins. You will learn about the various parts of the implementation process, how to work with our solution, act as a consultant and gain business understanding, and after six months, you should be able to fill out project roles on your own.  

More specifically, you:  

  • Gather and document business requirements (analysis and design) 
  • Install the product  
  • Configure workflows 
  • Enable connectors for integration 

At a later stage, when your skills within our product and the field of IAM have increased, we expect that you can start providing advice to our customers on how they can solve their individual IT security issues with our solution. 

During the trainee program, you will have a personal mentor that will guide and help you through your traineeship. 

The Omada platform  

The Omada software platform is based on the Microsoft stack and an MS SQL server. We do our scripting in JavaScript, PowerShell or similar applications. Usually, we integrate our application into the Active Directory, HR systems, cloud services, SharePoint, Exchange and a multitude of different applications.  

Your qualifications and experience  

You have a relevant education within IT, Mathematics, Engineering or similar (for example, a Master’s degree) where you have learned to structure and analyze tasks, apply logical thinking and a have pragmatic and practical approach to solving problems. You know how to motivate yourself and find large amounts of data, data formats and complex data relations challenging. 

You have a good understanding of IT and have preferably already some experience within the world of software development, programming or scripting from your studies. You have the ability to quickly understand and learn how to use new software tools and technical concepts, and a strong desire to dive deeply into methodology and technology. 

You have a can-do attitude and feel comfortable when you are part of discussions with people from different cultures and backgrounds when you work in teams, and you are capable of hosting workshops and bringing people together for a common understanding. 

We have a mix of international and Danish customers and for this reason, it is a requirement that you speak and write both English and Danish. 

The trainee program starts on 1 March 2019. Applications should be received by 31. January 2019 and please include a short video introduction of your self. 

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