Virtual CompanyDATING at Aarhus BSS

Join our all-online career event and meet more than 40 employers interested in recruiting Aarhus BSS students and graduates.

24 September 13:00 - 16:00 CEST

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Organised by Aarhus BSS

We look forward to welcoming you to the virtual edition of CompanyDATING. It’s the go to career event for students, recent and soon-to-be graduates at Aarhus BSS.

More than 40 employers are looking forward to meet you. They are all interested in skilled students and graduates from Aarhus BSS and each company will bring vacant positions (student jobs, full-time jobs, graduate programs) or project collaboration opportunities. This makes CompanyDATING a great opportunity for you to learn more about potential career paths.

Network, go for it, learn more

Virtual CompanyDATING is still CompanyDATING as you might know it - with all it’s networking opportunities. Only this time the conversations with company representatives will take place as live chats online from your living room. The live chats give you a great opportunity to network, ask questions and have a one-on-one dialogue. You can discuss potential job openings and get to know how you can become a part of their team.

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PREPARE FOR THE EVENT  - and get your desired outcome :

Join our webinar: "Get ready for VIRTUAL CompanyDATING" September 17, 15:00-16:00.

Get a short introduction to attend a virtual career fair, how to interact with the companies and get some useful tips on getting noticed. Sign up here:

Tips and guides for Virtual CompanyDATING

Like many other things in life training and preparation improves your chances of getting the most out of your attendance. Besides ensuring your online profile is up to date prior to the event (more on this here there are several things you can do to prepare for Virtual CompanyDATING. Look below for tips and inspiration:

  • How to prepare for a Virtual Career Fair (in Danish):
  • Virtual Career Fairs - do's and dont's:
  • 4 easy tips: This is what recruiters want you to do at a Virtual Career Fair:
  • FAQ on Virtual Career Fairs
  • Virtual Career Fairs - guides and general information:

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