Multiple industries


Market Reseach & Insights Consulting

About us

Epinion is a leading research and insights management solutions company with Nordic roots. Founded in 1999, we are a dedicated team of insights consultants, data scientists, software specialists, and researchers. We command the latest technology and methodologies when it comes to qualitative and quantitative or mixed methods research combined with multiple data sourcing, integrating big and small data sets, both internal and external to the organization.

Where we add value

Private Sector Intelligence  

We work closely with our clients to provide actionable insights and integrated insights solutions that lead to a better understanding of their current and future business, customers and markets to drive competitive advantages.

Public Service Intelligence  

Our recommendations, insights services, and solutions within the public services sector help our clients maximise return on investments in social welfare and improve citizen services. Our solutions also include support for digitalization, automation and efficiency gains.

Political & Polls Intelligence  

Along with our strategic recommendations, the insights we generate in the general public and political arena are used to promote ideas of a social or political nature, as well as keeping the media informed of current and future movements in society and politics.

What we do

We conduct research and advanced analytics, deconstruct data silos and break down data complexity to help organizations across the commercial, public services, and political sectors stay relevant to their stakeholders. Our work produces reviews, reports and strategic recommendations, as well as technology-enabled research and insights management solutions. Additionally, our solutions enable our clients to digitalize and automate decision-making.