Danske Commodities



Dear opinion-havers, status-quo challengers, industry-shapers and explorers: We want you!

Challenge. Compete. Repeat


DC is a leading independent energy trading company, specialising in short-term power and gas trading. Every day, we complete more than 3000 trades across 35 countries in Europe, constantly moving energy from where there’s more than needed to where it’s needed most. Our success is built on having the brightest minds working across the entire organisation: On our trading floors, in our customer business and our back office. 


Proud to be among Denmark’s best workplaces  

We’ve been named one of Denmark’s best workplaces for several reasons. With almost 300 employees and an average age of 33 years, we’re a young and dynamic company. We always strive to accommodate our employees and their work-life balance. We work hard, but we also make a point out of celebrating our accomplishments. And with colleagues from more than 25 countries, you’ll be part of a truly versatile workplace.

A company of specialists  

When you join DC, you become part of a flat organisation in a modern, fast-paced and entrepreneurial work environment, where over 70% of the employees hold a Master's Degree or higher. You’ll work with the best traders, business developers, number crunchers and IT-specialists, who are all passionate about their jobs and walk the extra mile to help each other succeed.


At DC, you’ll get the chance to stretch and expand your skills no matter where you are in your professional career. We promise you a workplace where no two days are alike, where the work environment and culture are unique, and where the company’s people actually enjoy spending time together both in and outside the office. 

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