Danske Commodities



Energy like no other

Join a collective of thinkers and doers, working together to create a viable energy future. 


Unlocking the potential of energy

We are a tech-driven energy trading company that trades power, gas and certificates. Every day, we complete more than 15,000 trades across 40 markets, constantly moving energy to where it's needed most. Connecting producers as well as large-scale consumers to wholesale energy markets, we work together to make an impact. 

Backed by energy major Equinor, we have the vision and strength to accelerate the energy transition and help pave the way for a more sustainable future. 

Fusing tech and trading

As energy markets become increasingly complex, we are fusing skills like coding and advanced analytics with well-proven trading strategies and market experience. To manage the increasingly volatile energy markets, our traders are evolving into tech-driven trader hybrids, working shoulder-to-shoulder with quants and software developers, who have become indispensable on our power and gas trading floors.


Big thinkers, industry-shapers and all-round decent people

We've been named one of Denmark's best workplace for several reasons. With 375 employees and an average age of 33 years, we're a young and dynamic company. We're aspiring chefs, runners, parents, beekeepers, gamers - the list goes on. We're also a company of highly specialised experts within our fields. 73% of our employees hold a master's degree or higher, but it's actually our diversity of ideas we're most proud of. Our story started with a bright idea and ideas are still the foundation of our development. 


Be you. With us.

Although we may highlight that our people are among the best and brightest, it's your passion we really care about. We expect you to care. About your work. About your own and your colleagues' collective successes. And about the difference we make at Danske Commodities. We admit that a lot of us have a love for button-down shirts, but we choose character and cultural over suits and ties. So, your first order of business: be yourself.

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