Chr. Hansen



We are a global bioscience company that works for a future defined by natural solutions. Join us and be part of improving food and health.

Meet the young employees at Chr. Hansen

Wokring at Chr. Hansen

Working with Chr. Hansen is about making a difference and improving food and health. Our 2,800 employees are all part of addressing some of the greatest challenges of our generation such as food waste, the desire for a more natural diet and improved health. We believe that no change will happen unless we try to do things differently. By always offering the opportunity to develop, we constantly grow as a company and as people.

The Social Environment at Chr. Hansen

At Chr. Hansen people are the heart of our business. This is one of the reasons why we strive to create a friendly, stimulating work environment that encourages our people to develop. Even though we have colleagues all over the world, we have a strong companionship that goes beyond working for the same organization. No matter whether you are a microbiologist, a dairy scientist or a business graduate we have clubs and events that bring us all together. You can also build your formal network and social circles in one of our many sports clubs or at the young employees’ lounge. These activities are important for us and we do this because we believe that interaction across teams, departments and cultures is enhancing the wellbeing and engagement of our people.

Improving Food and Health

Chr. Hansen is a fast-growing company driven by innovation. As global market leaders providing natural ingredients for the food and health industries we touch the lives of more than 1 billion people every day. This means that we have the opportunity and responsibility to make a difference. By making smarter, healthier and more sustainable solutions, we work dedicatedly to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions that enable the wider adoption of natural ingredients.