Master Thesis, Concept definition of XLUUV hos Saab AB

Concept definition of the next generation of an eXtra Large Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (XLUUV).



During the last decade, there has been a huge interest and development in unmanned vehicles (drones) for air, land and sea. Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) operate under the surface of the water with minimal or no human operator intervention during operation. UUVs can be of different types, varying in shape and size, depth ratings, payload, navigational capabilities, and control. UUVs can differ in length from one meter to tens of meters, can operate at different depths varying from 200 to 6000 meters and operating up to several months independently.  These vehicles can be Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), controlled by a remote operator, or Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), operating independently from direct human input. AUVs are the most complex, having to rely on autonomous functions in a difficult environment such as the aquatic one.

In the naval domain there are many programs worldwide ongoing in different maturity state of development and several nations are studying this type of products to their future navy programs to fit in to their under water seabed warfare strategy.


Description of the master thesis

There is a need for Saab to understand and get an in-depth insight on the leading edge for the world’s current development of XLUUV (eXtra Large Unmanned Underwater Vehicle). This Master Thesis is about developing a list of conceptual requirements for an XLUUV that is operating in an environment similar to the Baltic Sea. The conceptual requirements needs to take into consideration all larger ongoing programs world-wide with reference to a detailed description of the programs and their concept of operations for XLUUV, main contractors and their major suppliers, capabilities, budgets, critical technologies and status of the programs technology readiness level (TRL) to make sure that the conceptual requirements are on a feasible level.


Your profile

This Master Thesis is suitable for 2 student with interest in product design, business development or naval architecture. You are at the end of your Masters education and about to start your Master Thesis work for 30 HP. Experience in market surveys and product design will make it easier for you to succeed in the work

This position requires that you pass a security vetting based on the current regulations around/of security protection. For positions, requiring security clearance additional obligations on citizenship may apply.


What you will be a part of

Saab is a leading defence and security company with an enduring mission, to help nations keep their people and society safe. Empowered by its 19,000 talented people, Saab constantly pushes the boundaries of technology to create a safer, more sustainable and more equitable world. Business area Kockums is a world leader in its segment in terms of development, production and in-service support of submarines, surface vessels and naval systems. The product portfolio includes submarines with Air-Independent Propulsion (AIP) systems, surface vessels that contain the most advanced stealth technology as well as minesweeping systems, high-speed patrol and pilot boats. Kockums also supplies subsystems and components for integration into naval solutions with customers worldwide.


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Stefan Lundmark, Head of Product Management

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