Master Thesis 30 HP: Use CIS Tests in Build Pipelines to Create Customised hos Saab AB

Monitoring CIS tests in build pipelines over time to find weaknesses in development processes, and how to improve them.


Saab, like other large companies with a history of producing hardware, is transitioning into being more software oriented. This implies new demands on (software) production lines; they need to be tailored for the use case, and easily adaptable to new possibilities and security threats.

Center for Internet Security (CIS) is a non-profit organisation that develops standards and tests for secure computer systems. It should be possible to make use of these to monitor and highlight problems that occur in the ever changing build pipeline, and how to improve the development process to pass these tests.

In this thesis, we want to combine the tests and standards with the build processes to be able to give personalised training programmes to continuously improve the software development. This will be done by implementing tests, handling the results, and visualise where most potential of improvement is to be found.

Description of the master thesis

As implied above, this Master Thesis will be both theoretical and practical. It will be divided into three parts: One study phase to learn about CIS testing, and relevant build and development processes at Saab. The second phase is to implement what has been learnt in a limited lab environment, and the third part is to evaluate the potential of the concept.

Your profile

We are looking for 2 master degree students with an interest in:

  • System architecture

  • Cyber security

  • Innovation

You are at the end of your master’s degree in Computer engineering, Computer Science, Electrical engineering, Information Technology, or equivalent, and is eligible for your 30 HP degree project.

This position requires that you pass a security vetting based on the current regulations around/of security protection. For positions requiring security clearance additional obligations on citizenship may apply.

What you will be a part of

You will collaborate with experienced engineers and professionals in an environment that fosters career development and personal growth. You will be part of X Innovation Lab at Saab Surveillance in Göteborg, 

, a Business Area within Saab, is a world-leading supplier of systems for detection of threats and self-protection. Business Unit Radar Solutions is responsible for Radar in airborne-, surface- and naval systems. 

X Innovation Lab is a group working with new technology and new ways of working within SAAB Radar Solutions in Göteborg. We do research and create prototypes that are then used in the on-going development of SAAB’s products.

Contact information

Ted Delin; 

Recruiting Manager; Maria Stegberg 

Saab is a company with a strong people-orientation. We offer a friendly work environment where we support and help each other to be at our best. Continuous learning, career & talent development and employee well-being are examples of areas where we always put the strongest effort to offer great opportunities.

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