Understanding the effect of starch and fibers on plant protein in vitro digestibility hos Københavns Universitet

It is well known that protein digestibility is affected by antinutritional factors and changes in protein structure. Besides these factors, the presence of other components in the food matrix can also affect protein digestibility. In our previous research, we found that even at low trypsin inhibitor levels (antinutritional factors) the protein digestibility of plant protein flours and concentrates was not improved as expected. In the matrix of these flours and concentrates, there were proteins but also starch and fibers. Therefore, we would like to understand the effect of starch and fibers on in vitro protein digestibility. For this project, different combinations of blends of plant protein isolates and starch and/or fibers will be tested to resemble the matrix of protein concentrates by using the Infogest method which considers the mouth, gastric and intestinal phases.


Contact person / supervisor:

Patrícia Duque-Estrada/postdoc


Ourania Gouseti / assoc. professor


Iben Lykke Petersen/ assoc. professor


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