Master Thesis Proposal - A Sector Coupled Energy System hos Kamstrup

Are you considering writing your master thesis in collaboration with a company? Do you want to tap into a ”real world” sustainable business opportunity? And do you want to make a difference by analyzing Kamstrup’s role in the future energy systems?


The Opportunity
Future energy systems will be challenged by the nature of new energy resources and electrification of new elements. Handling peak demand and periods with surplus of energy production requires that we are able to utilize synergies between the different sectors (Heat, Electricity and water)​

At Kamstrup we are curious about:​

  • How can Kamstrup support synergies in a coupled sector
  • How will a future coupled sector affect Kamstrups position in the market?
  • What business threats and opportunities will occur?


  • How can Kamstrup technically support synergies in a coupled sector
  • How will a future coupled sector challenge Kamstrups portfolio?
  • What technical requirements will change and what opportunities and threats will it spur?

Field of Interests: Engineering/Business
We are looking for a master student within the field of either business, engineering or in the crossfield. In order to succeed the project you must be ambitious and eager to contribute to the green transition in an international context. The final specification of the project will be agreed on based on your interest and educational background.

We offer more than just a project

  • Office space
  • Mentorship from passionate Kamstrup’s industry expert
  • Tap into a ”real world” business opportunity
  • Access to international industry network, customer, supplier, partner e.g.

Do you want to be a part of Kamstrup?
Please submit your application by using the link below. Applications are reviewed on a continuous basis, and you can expect a response within six weeks. Any details regarding the collaboration will be individually agreed upon.
If you have any questions about the position, please contact New Business Development Manager, Kristian Rokkjær on phone: +45 89 93 10 00.

About Kamstrup
Kamstrup develops, produces and sells smart energy and water meters, relating reading systems, data analysis tools and services to utilities and other users over the entire world. Through our leadership, expertise and passion for partnership, we always think forward in pursuit of a brighter energy future; one that advances the performance of every customer, whilst creating lasting value for the communities they serve. We take responsibility for the way we act and we are committed to reduce waste with the purpose of securing clean water and energy to a maximum number of people.

Kamstrup has over 1.500 employees in more than 20 countries with headquarters in Denmark. Kamstrup has a healthy economy, growth rates and a strong focus on development of technology and staff. You can read more about Kamstrup on our website and see our annual report here. You can also follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook, to be updated on latest news and vacant positions.

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