Develop a 3D (unity based) software tool for patient and physician for creating facial prosthetics hos Purple Scout ApS

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FacePrint - Rapid and low-cost 3D printing service for personalized biocompatible facial prostheses.

The FacePrint project will develop a market-ready, rapid, and low-cost 3D printing service for facial prosthetics. The consortium will initially develop this service for auricular and nasal prostheses that perfectly matches facial features such as shape, rigidity, and the skin tone of patients. A cloud-based interface is used to design the patient-specific ear and nose prosthesis. Subsequently, a unique 3D print process and biocompatible material are used to construct the prosthesis.

There are two main tasks at hand.

  • We would like you to investigate how the end-user experience (UI/UX) can be improved by using design thinking/design sprint, thereby giving the patient and physician the best tool for creating rapid 3D printing service for personalized biocompatible facial prostheses.

  • Another interesting area of the project, we would like you to dive into is the 3D dataset incl. structure/handling within Unity and in particular the automation (AI and Machine Learning) possibilities in this area.

Ideally, we are looking for an individual or a little group of 2-3 students for this project.

Why is this topic interesting?

PurpleScout is a fast-growing company with lots of opportunities to work in Scandinavia and this EU project "FacePrint" has a state of the art showcase potential.

You get to work with the latest 3D software (Unity) and can be part of an agile design and development team. You will work closely with other European companies to make FacePrint market ready, prototype software.

What would ideally be examined?

  • Create a unique ease off use patient journey user experience (mockup/prototype), while still maintaining and giving the physician a powerful tool to make/print state off the art prosthesis.

  • Investigate user/patient need and behavior when using the software, also with regards to the custom tools for the physician.

Ideas for how to approach the project

The result of the project could be a technical prototype or a UI/UX analysis of user behavior and needs while using 3D software tools, both as a physician and a patient.

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