Wave Energy Conversion Prototype hos Unda Energy

Project Title: Wave Energy Conversion Device Design Competition

Unda Energy Corporation:

Unda Energy, LLC is developing wave energy conversion (WEC) device designed for reliability, safety, and economical power production for niche sectors of the blue economy based on biomimicry design principles.

Project Goal:

Contract multiple groups of talented young academics at the MSc and PhD level from top institutions around the world to engage in a design innovation race to produce 1:100 scale WEC prototypes. WEC prototypes will be designed to serve specific sub-sectors of the blue economy including aquaculture, offshore oil and gas, and desalinization.

Project Outcomes:

Teams will produce physical and computational models of their WEC prototypes which will be shipped to Oregon State Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory and University of Victoria’s Pacific Regional Institute for Marine Energy Discovery respectively for testing. WECs are evaluated based on their ability to produce a market-competitive Levelised Cost of Energy (LCoE). Features of the best performing prototypes will be amalgamated to produce a 1:20 scale model for the next phase of technology development.

Race Incentivisation and Unda Design Team Recruitment:

In addition to compensation awarded through partnering academic institutions, individuals will be awarded with a chance to obtain equity in Unda Energy. Upon completion of project milestones, individuals will be awarded ‘points’. Additionally, upon culmination of the competition, individuals within teams will be awarded ‘points’ according to rank-order of prototype performance.

Post-competition, those individuals who are recruited to join the official Unda engineering team will be rewarded by being allowed to keep the points they have earned in the competition.

After a period of service, the sum of all points are equated to a % of company equity and equity is distributed to employees according to their share of total points.

WEC Prototype Requirements:


1:20 - 1:100

Model Prototype Characteristics

– Idealized setup

– Load-adaptable PTO (Power Take Off System)

– Adaptable design variables

Experimental Test Objectives:


– Concept validation and optimisation

– Power performance estimation

  • Estimated LCoE (Internally and Externally Assessed)

– Assessing the impact of design variables and environmental parameters


– PTO and mooring

– Loads estimation

– Movement estimation / Response amplitude operator (RAO’s)

You can find more information at UndaEnergy.com

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