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We are hiring associates for our Danish M&A Transaction Services team hos Deloitte Denmark

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This is your opportunity to join Deloitte's growing M&A Transaction Services team and be part of the highly acknowledged Deloitte Financial Advisory department. You will have the opportunity to work on a wide variety of high-profile mergers and acquisitions (M&A) projects, with a mix of both corporate and private equity clients, within a highly commercial and client-focused environment.
We are part of a global organisation with several cross-border interactions with colleagues around the world, both on project-specific assignments and on long secondments, which gives you a great opportunity to explore the M&A market from a Nordic and international perspective.
The Danish team consists of 40 professionals. Our educational backgrounds are auditing, accounting and financial management-focused master degrees. In general, we strive to have a horizontal working environment in which we focus on delivering in high quality and getting the job done as efficient as possible. Therefore, our focus is on letting individual capabilities and strengths determine the project role rather than titles and hierarchy.
Our inclusive culture, supporting teamwork and professionalism are essential when ensuring continued strong personal development across the organisation. We embrace and encourage authenticity and diversity of thoughts and hence we are looking for individuals who dare to think outside the box, challenge our current way of thinking and contribute to the way we drive our practice of tomorrow.
Exciting tasks await you
Your tasks and responsibility will be scalable with your capabilities and ambitions and you will constantly be challenging yourself to learn new skills and come up with new ideas. We believe in leadership at all levels. Therefore, we foster a culture that encourages you to take the lead on your specific development level.
Even though there are never two days that are the same in M&A Transaction Services, you will as an associate often be responsible for the financial models and perform a large part of the financial analyses feeding into the due diligence deliverables. It is a crucial part of the job working closely with the decision makers in the largest private equity firms, corporate senior management team and other advisors. Typical daily tasks include:

  • Developing an understanding of the target business and its value drivers
  • Supporting the team in conducting a comprehensive due diligence effort by researching the target company’s products, markets, competitors, clients and financial performance to prepare for an anticipated deal
  • Building financial models including analyses of historical trading, balance sheets and cash flow
  • Building bridge between financial data and business plans, publicly available information on target to identify financial red flags and areas for further due diligence
  • Reporting of potential key issues for our client including identification of risk and/or valuation affecting considerations
  • Participating in meetings with the client, the target company’s management, auditors, other advisors, etc

You have the following skills and experience
Becoming a part of the M&A Transaction Services team requires that:

  • You have studied a Master of Science (MSc) in Business Economics and Auditing, Finance and Accounting, Applied Economics and Finance, Finance and Strategic Management, Finance and Investments or equivalent.
  • You have relevant work experience (preferred)
  • You have proven research skills and possess solid knowledge of Excel and PowerPoint
  • You communicate easily in a Nordic language (preferably Danish) and English (verbally and in writing)

Furthermore, we expect you to be:

  • One of the best students of your class with a good business and strategic understanding
  • A team player, and naturally interact with people and are motivated by expanding your network
  • Ambitious, committed and are prepared to make an extraordinary effort when required
  • Solution-oriented, structured and able to balance a high level of activity with high-quality performance

Click the apply button above if you are ready to join our team. Send your application, CV and grade transcript from your bachelor’s and master’s degree as well as other relevant documents. Deadline is 15 August 2020. We process applications and arrange interviews continually, so we recommend that you apply as soon as possible.
Please do not hesitate to contact Ólavur Sakarisson í Ólavsstovu at +45 30 93 63 03 if you have a specific questions about the position.
We look forward to connecting with you!
About Deloitte M&A Transaction Services
In M&A Transaction Services, we work closely with our clients during the due diligence phase of a M&A process (both sell-side and buy-side engagements).
We advise on the financial aspects of the target company and provide the insight necessary and decisive for relevant stakeholders in order to assess the key drivers, underlying performance and related risks from a financial perspective.
Our work is based on financial information available and close dialogues with different stakeholders (e.g. corporate senior management, investment banks, financing banks, lawyers, strategy consultants, etc.)
Our deliverables are customised to the individual client, but normally include detailed analyses of:

  • Value drivers for the business, such as revenue growth, margin development, overhead costs and investments
  • Normal level of earnings adjusted for income and expenses not expected to occur in a normal year
  • Net working capital development and the cash tied up in the business including funding requirements
  • Net debt and debt-like-items which should be subtracted from the enterprise value to reach the purchase price for the shares in the target company
  • Risks to be covered in the share purchase agreement, which cannot be adjusted for in the purchase price.

To give our clients the best M&A advice and be their first call, we have to be the best in analysing complex financial data and prepare easy-to-understand deliverables.