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Here at ASOS, we want to give everyone the confidence to be their best self, because, when you’re at your best, you can achieve amazing things.
Our Technology team pioneer incredible solutions that change the way our millions of customers can access fashion. We believe that fashion can make you look, feel and be the best version of you and it’s this feeling of empowerment that we want our ASOSers to experience while working with us.
Our ASOSers reflect the diverse society they live in; we celebrate our differences and welcome people from all different walks of life. We’re looking for people who can live and breathe our values of being authentic, brave and creative and we don’t care about labels- we recognise there are endless ways to be ‘you’.
Sound like a place you’d love tobe?Come and join us!
You’ll loveourcustomers
  • You’llbe obsessed with delivering a fantastic experience to our customers.
  • You’llcollect feedback from customersto understand where we can improve.
  • You’llhave experience monitoring applications post-release to identify areasforimprovement.
  • You’llbe skilled in investigating customer issues and performing root cause analysis.

Youlovesoftware testing
  • You’llhaveknowledge ofa breadth of testing types, experience of exploratorytestingapproachesand a thirst to further develop yourself in this area.
  • You’ll have an appreciation for the non-functional and either have some experience withLoad,Performance, Resiliency orSecurity testing or a desire to learn.
  • You’ll be comfortableworking with server-side,messagingand database technologies
  • You will understand how to make use of differenttoolstosuperchargeyour testing.
  • You’ll have experience withan object-oriented programming languageto author tests at multiple levels and becomfortablewith source control,CI/CD toolsand Cloud technologies.

  • You’ll have experience working with Developersand using testing to drivethe software development process.
  • You’ll have experience working directly with key stakeholders such as Business Analysts and Product Owners.
  • You’ll have experienceofworking withdependent services (either internal or third-party)and understandingthe impactthey can haveon your test approach.
  • You’ll want to pair test with other TestersandDevelopers in your team.
  • You’ll be an experienced software tester who wants tocoach and develop others and share your knowledge.
  • You’ll want to leverage our fantastic testing community within ASOS and play an active part contributing to it.

Youwant toreleasesoftware often
  • You’ll have exposure to DevOpspracticessuch as Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery or Continuous Deployments.
  • You'll have experience testing in Production orwill besuper keen to learn.
  • You'll have a great understandingof usingtheappropriateenvironmentto solveeachtesting challenge.


  • Wetest for our customers as their experience is what’smostimportantto us.
  • Ourteststrategy is built on foundations that are entirely customer focused.

  • Weembrace agile principles andtestcontinuouslythroughout thesoftware developmentlifecycle.
  • We use exploratory testing to uncover things we didn’t or couldn’t plan for and are always looking for new ways to improve how we deliver real value to the team.
  • Wetestcollaboratively. We love pair-programming and pair-testing and everyone in the team gets involved.
  • Weinvest heavily in automating our tests andotherrepeatable activities. We treat ourautomationcode as carefully as our production software andthe responsibilityforwriting automated testsis shared across the team.
  • We usethe most appropriate tool for the jobandenhance them orbuildnew oneswhen we need something specific to improve our testing.
  • We understand the importance ofthe‘why’and‘how’behind the software we build,sonon-functional testingmakes upa big chunk of our testing activities.
  • We work closely with our BusinessAnalysts and Product Ownersto ensure that we get a broadunderstandingof what we’re building and for whom.
  • We also workwith our Solutions Architectstogain an understanding of the technical solutions and design decisions and drive for improved observability and testability.
  • We have a day a month set aside for personal development.We can use this however welike:take a trainingcourse;get involved in a hackathon;participate in aworkshop run by a colleague;attend an inspirational talk fromanindustry recognisedexternal speaker.
  • We actively support our internal ASOS testing community.
  • We branch out to the wider community through blogs, meetups and conferences.

  • We’re constantly making small incremental improvements and release themto customersas soon as they’reready.Typically,our teamreleasesaround once a day.
  • We follow DevOps practices and are always looking to improve our CI/CD pipelines to make releases as fast, predictable and safeas possible.
  • Weuse a combinationoflocal builds, test environments and production to test our software.We also make use ofA/Btesting, blue-green deployments and canary-releases to learn about our softwarewith minimal customer impact.

We love new tech

  • Technology is at the heart of what we do. We love to explore and experiment with new techthat can improve our customer experienceand toolsto boost thedevelopment and testing process.
  • We use Azure to host our services in the Cloud across multiple global locations,providingbothresiliency and elastic scalability.
  • Weareadoptingcontainertechnologyand are in the process of migrating our software to DockerandKubernetes.
  • We write our server-side softwareand testsinC#.NET andforourclient-side applications we use a variety of languages (JavaScript, CSS, Swift, Java, Kotlin)and use Git for source control.
  • We take pride in crafting elegant, maintainable and testable code and embrace SOLID principlesandTDD.
  • We use TeamCity, Octopus Deploy and Azure DevOps to automate our build, deployment and testing processes.


  • A truly unique and agile working environment where you’ll be surrounded by a diverse range of passionate experts, with two common interests: technology & innovation
  • Generous salary, bonus and pension matching
  • Life insurance, free private medical care, cycle to work scheme + more
  • A bespoke flexible benefits scheme catered to you
  • Best in class Learning & Development schemes and career development programmes
  • 25 days holiday + never work on your birthday again!
  • Free modern onsite gym, plus personal training and wellness rooms
  • Tech Develops days– one day per month dedicated to developing yourself and developing others within Tech
  • Tech Presents days- breakfast mornings to collaborate and share your work with other teams
  • A dynamic social environment, from company-wide sports days, charity days, ‘Give A Week Away’ opportunities to visit our charity partners in India, company-wide celebrations across Christmas and Summer to name just a few
  • Huge staff discounts and sample sales
  • Plusmuch more…

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