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We improve everyday life by giving our customers the best shopping experience, creating opportunities for people at all levels in society and drive forward a more sustainable development.

Our new name is Salling Group

An international career in Corporate

In order to develop and maintain the different businesses, Salling Group has a number of corporate functions. These include supply chain, e-commerce, commercial, marketing, HR, finance, IT, group general counsel, business development, corporate communication and logistics. The headquarters is located on the outskirts of Aarhus. The Netto International management and administration is headquartered in Køge, south of Copenhagen.

Highly qualified specialists

Our employees in the various corporate functions are mostly specialists with highly qualified skills. These employees are essential to run an efficient and successful retail business, especially one that spans several countries.

Business Development 
The department supports strategy development by defining must-win battles with the Executive Committee to become the best retailer. The department drives strategic projects with the business units to ensure tangible results in daily business.

Finance produces high-quality financial information, tax and treasury management and value-added financial business support. Finance manages our Shared Service Center and enables better business decisions via market intelligence.

HR's objective is to ensure that the Group has the required human resources available, and that we perform at the highest level in retail. HR covers all relevant disciplines, such as Employer Branding and Recruitment, Compensations and Benefits, People Performance Management, Leadership and Talent Development, Retail-Specific Functional or Product Training, HR Analytics and Retirement or Exit Programs.

The Group’s e-commerce division drives and develops our webshops with an aggressive ambition to accelerate growth and online share. Through innovative thinking, state-of-the-art technology and M&A, the division strives to deliver on customers’ growing expectations for e-commerce activities.

Denmark's largest retail group

Each week more than 9 million shopping trips are carried out in our stores, and every day we provide 1.4 million customers with groceries and everyday essentials in our stores, along with a wide range of nonfood products online. Salling Group provides the framework for almost 47,000 international employees in four countries. Our employees strive every day to give our customers the best possible shopping experience.