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At Lime, we love CRM!

Since the beginning, we have helped more than 6000 companies to reach better results with the help of easy-to-use CRM solutions that we develop, consult and support ourselves. Today we are one of the largest CRM suppliers in northern Europe. 

Yes, with expertise and wholehearted commitment, we make our customers' work both easier and more fun. So what do you say? Is it time to create CRM magic with us?

Lime European Trainee Program

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Welcome to #lifeatlime

Dear student or recently graduated,

Do you want to kick start your career at one of the European most fast-growing companies? We’re always interested in meeting driven and passionate people with a huge interest in technology.

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Link to our European Trainee Program

The Lime way - corporate values

Keep it simple

Communicate and act in a simple way, that is easily understood.


Just do it

Don’t wait for someone else to solve the problems you encounter.


Do not break the chain

We are one company, not a number of departments.


Spend resources wisely

Money, time  – whether that of customers, the colleagues, or your own – and Earth’s limited resources must be utilised in a smart way and with great care.


Make a mark

Don’t be like everyone else – make a difference.