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Studying is great because you can finally start using what you’ve learnt after graduation. We are looking for smart and friendly graduates to directly enter into the professional world.

That´s us

We are one of the most successful consultancies for procurement and supply chain management, a part of the Boston Consulting Group, and have worldwide operations employing over 220 people. To be precise: over 220 very satisfied people.

This satisfaction is ensured by a certain something that we call very INVERTO. And that consists of a unique, friendly atmosphere, team spirit and fairness. And fun.


We have always had one of the topnames when it comes to strategic procurement and supply chain management. Now, by joining the Boston Consulting Group, we are gaining a completely new, and international, dynamic. That’s why we are looking for support and those that match our standards as well as our spirit. So we remain not only highly successful, but also, very INVERTO.



Very INVERTO means that we are not only consultants but also doers. We do not leave our clients alone with our strategies, we implement them together. If you are equally results driven, then you would be very welcome here. 

INVERTO is perfectly positioned for a wide range of industries. This gives you great scope for versatility, and it also challenges you. Your learning curve has never been so steep, we can already promise you that.