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Follow our interns on their internship travels

Meet Danyal, Marketing, PR & Advertising in Tokyo

I speak not a word of exaggeration when I say CRCC Asia supported me since the day I came in contact with them. As cliche as it sounds, I genuinely believe my Tokyo internship proved to be the most challenging yet best time of my life! My company really encouraged me to exhaust my intellectual talents as a market researcher, digital content creator and data analyst. Overall, a two-month internship I wish I could go back and repeat."

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About CRCC Asia

CRCC Asia has been organising professional global internships for over 12 years. With now over 8,000 alumni and internships offered in 8 cities globally, CRCC still seeks ambitious, talented and aspiring individuals for our award-winning Global Internship Programs, designed to boost your global employability to ultimately ensure you stand out from the crowd when kick-starting your career.

Our international internship programs are conducted in 8 major global cities:

Beijing | Shanghai | Shenzhen | Tokyo | Osaka | Seoul | Ho Chi Minh City | Manchester

Once you have decided upon your sector, country and city, let us know and we do the rest. Interning and gaining experience around the world has never been easier! The CRCC Asia team is confident in finding an internship just right for you!

You can choose from 1, 2 or 3-month internships. This is an incredible opportunity to gain excellent professional experience, transferable skills and ultimately boost your global employability in some of the world’s most important, diverse and fastest-growing economies.

As part of the program fees, your global internship program includes;

  • 5* Accommodation
  • 24/7 emergency support & assistance over the duration of the internship experience
  • Airport pickup in CRCC Asia minibus
  • Welcome banquet with fellow interns and the CRCC Asia team
  • Frequent contact with the student, ensuring that they are satisfied with his or her company placement during the internship
  • Cultural activities that give students a fun and interactive way to learn more about the traditions and daily life of the locals
  • Professional events organized exclusively for CRCC Asia program participants that include business seminars and networking events to meet and interact with local industry leaders
  • Leaving ceremony & seminar (debriefing their internship experience)

Meet Ezimma, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare in China

"My time in China was truly an eye opening experience. I was blown away by the country’s breath-taking views, bustling economy, and intimate relationship with technology. China has equipped me with a global understanding of international business and countless memories that I will cherish forever. I encourage all students to take the opportunity to intern abroad. Your life will be changed forever!"