University of Hull

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The University of Hull is a public university, located in the East Riding of Yorkshire on the east coast of the UK. The University College Hull was established in 1927, but in 1954 it gained university status and changed its name. The student body counts more than 22.000 students, approximately 19.000 of which are studying one their bachelor's degree.

Hugging the undulating countryside of Yorkshire on one side and flanked by the beautiful northern coast on the other, the University of Hull's campuses in the vibrant city of Hull and seaside resort of Scarborough have something to offer everyone. The Hull campus is situated on the northern shore of the Humber Estuary, surrounded by beautiful countryside of rolling hills, while the Scarborough Campus is located in a hill, overlooking the town, with the moors to the north and rugged coastline to the east.

The University is divided into seven departments:

  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences: American Studies, Archaeology, Drama, English Studies, Film Studies, History, French, German, Italian, Music, Law School, Media, Culture and Society
  • Faculty of Education: Educational Studies etc.
  • Faculty of Health and Social Care: Applied Health Studies, Nursing
  • Faculty of Science: Chemistry, Environmental & Marine Sciences, Geography, Physics, Psychology, Biological Sciences, Estuarine and Coastal Studies etc.
  • Hull York Medical School: Medicine
  • Postgraduate Medical Institute: Psychiatry, Oncology, Clinical Psychology, Cell & Molecular Medicine, Cardiology etc.
  • Hull University Business School: Accounting & Finance, Economics, Management, Marketing & Business Strategy, Organisational Behaviour & Human Resource Management etc.
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